Best Breaker Bar Reviews in 2018

A breaker bar is a non-ratchet and it is used with socket wrench type of sockets. Even the very tight fasteners can be made loose by a breaker bar. The additional length of a breaker bar allows it to generate more torque than a standard length socket wrench with the same amount of force. They stop the damage of a socket wrench in retching mechanism. Even sometimes a half turn on a breaker bar is enough to lose the fastener.

A breaker bar has long handles than a shorter wrench. That’s because it generates more torques with the same amount of force. It is very easy to work with a breaker bar. It can lose fasteners and rusted bolts very easily and it uses the minimum amount of energy of the person who operates it.

Here comes are best breaker bar reviews.

Product NameGrade
TEKTON 15356A+
Performance Tool W34122 3/4-Inch Drive 40-Inch Jumbo Breaker BarA
Capri Tools 3/8 InchA
Craftsman 9-4431A
1/2" x 18" Socket Wrench Breaker BarA-
ABN Breaker BarA+

1. Neiko00206A

Neiko Premium can loosen the tightest fasteners. This breaker bar has a noncorrodible mirror chrome finish. It can do all the work for you because it has a perfectly located pivot point. That’s why you don’t have to get worried straining your wrist.

This breaker bar functions great on rusted bolts. It also holds tights in sockets. You can swivels heads 180 degrees.

The 24-inch extra long handle is made of chrome vanadium. Forged and heat treated chrome adds strength and durability to this breaker bar. 

The 180-degree flexible head helps to work in any area. It can also reach around tight spaces and can also generate optimize leverage. This breaker bar has spring load ball bearing which helps to hold sockets securely. This breaker bar not only meets but also exceeds ANSI standards. This breaker bar provides maximum torques. That’s why you can work less while getting that rusted. This breaker bar is very safe and also secure.

Highlighted Features

  • 24-inch extra long vanadium steel handle.
  • This breaker bar has added strength and durability with forged and heat treated chrome-moly ½’’ drive head.
  • Have 180-degree flexible head.
  • It can work at any angle.
  • It can reach around tight spaces.
  • It can also generate optimized leverage.
  • Has the spring load ball bearing.
  • It is ideal to break and loosen rusted.
  • Exceeds ANSI standards.

2. TEKTON 15356

The TEKTON 15356 cannot only break loose rusted or stuck nuts but also can do frozen bolts.

It has a chrome-plated exterior for maximum strength and wear resistance. This breaker bar is made of forged and hardened steel.

This breaker bar has a defect. The flex head should adjust easily but it doesn’t adjust that easily. There is almost no flex under the torque in this breaker bar.

The handle area of this breaker bar is very small. If a frozen bolt or a stuck nut is slowing you down use the TEKTON ½ in. Its extra muscle will help to bust a frozen bolt or a stuck nut to loosen. You will be able to use it along any angle because of its 180 degree flex head, no matter how tight it is.

Highlighted Features

  • Fails loose rusted stuck or stuck nuts and bolts.
  • Chrome-moly and 180-degree flex head.
  • Spring loaded ball bearing.
  • Made of forged and hardened chrome vanadium steel
  • ANSI torque standards exceed or meet
  • Chrome plated exterior.
  • Small handle area.
  • No flex under torque.

3. Performance Tool W34122 3/4-Inch Drive 40-Inch Jumbo Breaker Bar

Any nut or bolt can be loosened and dislodged by the Performance Tool W34122.

It can handle up to 1000 foot-pounds of torque. It will not give out to you during your commercial grade jobs. 

The handle of this breaker bar has a diameter. The size of the diameter is one-inch which is the perfect size. 

This breaker is available in many sizes in the market. You can choose your preferred size. It also promotes pressure applications. 

Performance Tool W34211 will provide you a good amount of pull which makes it more useful. The handle is made of chrome vanadium steel. The head of this tool can swivel 180 degrees. This breaker bar is corrosion resistant chrome plated and it is also made of black oxide finish.

Highlighted Features

  • Provides a good amount of pull
  • Promotes pressure application.
  • Multiple sizes are available.
  • The handle is made of chrome vanadium steel.
  • Can handle 1000 foot-pounds of torques
  • Black oxide finish
  • Corrosion resistance chrome plated.
  • Head can swivel 180 degrees.
  • Has a diameter in the handle.

4. Capri Tools 3/8 Inch

This breaker bar is perfect for the medium sized job. It has a spring-loaded ball bearing which does the job of holding onto sockets.

It also allows the user to interchange them out for another size when it is needed. The head of this breaker bar is made of durable chrome-moly.

It is little thin. It has a swivel head. This breaker bar has 3/8 inch drive. Its lengthis 12 inches and has 159 ft-lb capacity. The body is made of chrome vanadium. 

The head can rotate 180 degrees. This breaker bar comes with a lifetime warranty and it also meets DIN standards. This breaker bar is an absolute quality and it is guaranteed.

Highlighted Features

  • Head is made of durable chrome-moly
  • A little thin.
  • Has a 180-degree swivel head.
  • Drive is 3/8 inch.
  • 12-inch long breaker bar.
  • Capacity is 159 ft-lb.
  • Chrome vanadium body.
  • Chrome-moly head.
  • Has spring loaded ball bearing.
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Meets DIN standards.

5. Craftsman 9-4431

The Cratsman 9-4431 breaker bar comes with a lifetime warranty and its whole body is made of alloy steel. Its flexible design provides torque at multiple angle. It also has a hinged joint which allows comfortable ratcheting angles.

It is compact and pretty easy to store. It can also hold plenty of abuse. The swivel of this breaker bar is a bit loose. It has a heavy duty design. It is 18 inches long and it has a ¾ inch drive.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to store
  • Very compact
  • Can hold plenty of abuse
  • A bit lose for swivel
  • Has hinged joint
  • 18 inch long
  • Drive size- ¾ inch.
  • Head rotates 180 degree.
  • Delivers torque at multiple angle.
  • Can fix stubborn nuts and bolts.

6. Powerbuilt642504

The Powerbuilt642504 breaker bar can do a great job on bolts that need just a little bit more nudge to come loose. But it is not designed to seriously rusted out bolts. You can take it anywhere because it’s size is small. Its size is only 12 inches. You can take it in any tool bag and can carry it on the go.

This breaker bar is ideal for changing tires. It is a very high-quality tool at a very low price. This breaker bar uses withstands consistent well. This tool gives a solution to almost every situation. 

For added comfort, it has been designed with a spiral machined handle. This product is built on chrome vanadium construction. This breaker bar also comes with lifetime warranty. It meets or exceeds ANSI standards.

Highlighted Features

  • Excellent for tire changing
  • High quality but low in cost
  • Good use of withstands consistent
  • Most reliable tool in the market
  • Exceeds tool standards
  • Loses stubborn fasteners
  • Spiral machined handle
  • Made of chrome vanadium
  • ANSI standards have been met or exceeded

7. 1/2" x 18" Socket Wrench Breaker Bar

Socket Wrench Breaker Bar is one of the best breaker bars at such a low price. It gives plenty of strength and control for such a low price. It has the spring loaded ball bearing which holds even the most worn sockets very securely.

It is heat treated chrome plated and it is made of high carbon steel. It has a folded rubber handle which provides you a better grip. Stubborn nuts and bolts are removed by a long lever arm which provides added torque to this tool. Its head flexes at 180 degrees for easy access to nut and bolts.

Highlighted Features

  • Require very little pressure
  • There is rubber on the handle for comfort
  • Fits into small spaces
  • Made of high carbon steel and heat treated chrome
  • Has spring loaded ball-bearings
  • Has case hardened pins
  • 180-degree head flex
  • Long lever arm

8. ABN Breaker Bar

This breaker bar is very versatile with a flexible head which can rotate 180 degrees. It provides a high degree of leverage with the help of a 39-inch handle. It has a molded grip which is very comfortable to grip.

You can use it for any professional works. You cannot bend this breaker bar. It is made of quality chrome plating. It has three quarter inch drive.

Highlighted Features

  • Bending is not possible
  • It has quality chrome plating
  • Drive size- three quarter inch
  • Made of chrome vanadium steel
  • Head can rotate 180 degree
  • Provides high degree of leverage
  • It has a very comfortable grip

Why people chooses a breaker bar?

There are many things like beaker bar, even if you search many things will come out such as cheater bar a socket or torque wrench. So, it is important for you to know what exactly a breaker bar is different.

One can loose or tight fasteners and fix rusted bolts by a breaker bar. The main theme of breaker bar is pretty much same to the socket wrench. But a socket wrench is not as long as a breaker bar. That’s why a breaker bar can generate more torque with the same amount of force. One can use a breaker bar for many purposes such as changing tires and dissembling engines.

Final Verdict

A breaker bar is very dull but it is a necessary tool to have in your toolbox. You will never know when you will have a tire busting or when you will need to overhaul an engine. You should invest in the best breaker bar that will last for years. Because these type of tools are not to use for one day. It is some type of products which are used for years.

Performance and durability are the main things for a breaker bar. The breaker bar which we have picked in this article is going to work well. But you will have to understand your situation and then decide which product you want to buy.

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