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Best Digital Fish Scale Reviews in 2018

Are you using your finger thickness, hand width, or foot length as measurement scales? There are usually mistakes and confusion when using these scales. It is necessary to search internationally accepted, more regular and scientific measurement techniques.

The Digital Fish Scales, which are used extensively in many aspects of our life today. It has vital importance in measuring the fish weight, or length. You can also use it for anything else at home, work, outdoors, or traveling. The Digital Fish Scales can do all kinds of weight measurement.

The hook structure and the tare feature provide the most accurate way. Choosing the best digital fish scale could be burdensome. There are many types, and features. In this article, you can find information about the most important features. And, how those features will help you to choose right fish scale.

Here comes our best digital fish scale reviews.

Product NameGrade
ReelSonar Digital Fish ScaleA+
Dr. Meter PS01 Electronic Balance Digital Fish ScaleA+
Rapala Digital Fish ScaleA
Ultimate54 Portable Digital Fish ScaleA
Brainy Deal Digital Hanging/Fishing/Luggage ScaleA-
Berkley BTDFS50-1 Digital Fish ScaleA
Next-shine Electronic Digital Fish ScaleA+
NiceEshop Digital Fish ScaleA+
Grawor Digital Fish ScaleA

1. ​ReelSonar Digital Fish Scale

The precise weigh measurement capability allows you to weigh everything up to 99 lb. You can also measure the length up to 39 in.

The lighted large screen makes it easy to read and use. The tare function is ideal for more accurate measurements. It is made of strong stainless steel hook and sturdy case construction. And, it is ideal to weigh your big catch or anything heavy.

Easy to use with its on/off button which also works as a reset button when you hold it only a little bit longer.

What makes the product stand out is it comes with a removable fish lip grabber. It allows you to conveniently weigh your fish without touching it, or making holes. 

You only need to reset your scale to get a precise reading because the grabber has a just little bit of weight. Moreover, it shuts off automatically to save energy. You can also turn it on/off manually.

Moreover, the product has an ergonomic and strong case design. Also, easy to grab strong handle contributes to its quality. It requires 2 AAA batteries, but they are not included in the package.

What We Liked

  • Reliable for any environment
  • Easy to use at night
  • Optimal for contests
  • Weigh anything without touching
  • Convenient handle to weigh heavy items
  • Removable lip grabber
  • Tare and Auto Off function
  • Built-in tape measure

What We Didn't Like

  • Batteries not included
  • Does not read ounces
  • Not water resistant

2. Dr. Meter PS01 Electronic Balance Digital Fish Scale 

It is a hanging digital fish scale with a tape measure. You can weigh anything up to 110 lb. It has a stainless steel handle goes up and down.

But, a metal handle may not be comfortable to scale heavy items. It has a cool big digital blue screen that distinguishes it from other digital fish scales. You can easily use it at day and night.

You can change the unit to four different units; Pounds, Ounces, Kilograms, and Grams. You just need to keep pressing the unit button repeatedly until you find what unit you look for. You can even change the unit even with the weight on the hook.

What makes the product stand out is its accuracy. If your weight is between 0-22 lb., the actual weight difference, maybe up to 0,011 lb. And if your weight is between 22-110 lb., the actual weight difference may be up to 0,022 lb. We believe both differences appear to be ideal for home or outdoor use.

The built-in tape measure is always handy when you want to know the size of your catch. The tape measure length is 1m. The scale has tare function and on/off switch, and automatic shut-off. It comes with 2 AAA batteries, which is always a plus.

After you weigh anything, the weight on the screen stays on until you turn it off. Or bring it back to zero to weigh something else. Besides, you can fold the hook to the back of the unit when you are not using.

Being that, this scale may be one of the best options for home, outdoor sports, and especially for airports. Not to mention, the biggest problem is heavy suitcases at the airports. And dozens of dollars paid for each kilogram if your luggage is overweight. Besides, it comes with a 12-month warranty against manufacturing defects. The warranty starts from the sale date.

What We Liked

  • Promising for long years to use
  • Accuracy 0-22 lb.: d=0,011 lb., 22-110 lb.: d=0,022 lb.
  • Big Blue Backlight Screen, visible at day and night
  • Batteries included
  • Data Lock

What We Didn't Like

  • Metal handles may be problematic for heavy items
  • Not water resistant

3. ​Rapala Digital Fish Scale

It is a simple digital fish scale, but you can get an accurate reading for anything up to 50 lb. It doesn't have a fancy backlight or built-in measuring tape. But, it is compact, durable, and measures accurate in both pounds and kilograms.

It appears to be engineered for any condition use, outdoor, or indoor. And, a large screen is nice to have so that we should be able to see the display easily. The unit conversion is possible in metric, or imperial. Strong plastic handles offer long years of use because they get rusty in time.

The product actually has limited lifting capacity compared to its competitors. But it may be just enough for somebody who doesn’t lift too much. After all, it is not easy to lift an item more than 20kg without getting support. It has a strong stainless steel hook, and a big handle, so you can easily measure anything less than 50 pounds.

It has one simple button does it all; on/off/tare switch and unit conversion. You just need to press the button repeatedly or hold to change the unit.

It doesn’t come with the battery. 9V battery is required.

What We Liked

  • Durable for permanent use
  • Simple to use, it has one button
  • Unit conversion to pounds or kilograms
  • Stainless steel hooks
  • Ergonomic design

What We Didn't Like

  • No backlight
  • Battery is not included
  • Not water resistant

4. ​Ultimate54 Portable Digital Fish Scale

It gets its name from lots of the features it offers. A large display with backlight, tare function and capacity to weigh up to 110 lb are only some of them. It is small compared to other scales. You can easily carry and store in your bag, or pocket when fishing, or traveling.

With its cool blue backlight, you can fish at night. You can change the unit in imperial, or metric, or even in Jin, which is the Chinese version of measurement.

The over-load indicator tells you when to stop the lifting before breaking the device. It also tells when batteries are low. Thus, nothing is wrong with your battery display, only change the batteries. Accuracy is as low as 0.02 lb.

When you want to weigh your luggage before your flight, free luggage strap comes in handy. Especially when you want to weigh your luggage before your flight. In addition to traveling hassle, you wouldn’t want to hear that your luggage is too heavy. Simply, avoid those overweight fees before going to the airport.

What makes this product stand out is guaranteed for 30-day satisfaction. Or, you get your money back, and it comes with a full 2-year Warranty. That means you will have a chance to test it for accuracy and quality before making the final decision.

It is powered by 2 AAA batteries, and both the batteries and luggage strap are included in the package. A separate tare button allows you to zero the display while using a container. It is so small so that you can fold the handle then you can fit it in anywhere, even in your small pocket.

What We Liked

  • Reliable for any condition
  • Big Blue Backlight Screen, visible at day and night
  • Luggage Strap
  • Foldable handle makes it even smaller
  • Batteries included

What We Didn't Like

  • No measuring tape
  • Not Water resistant

5. ​Brainy Deal Digital Hanging/Fishing/Luggage Scale

It is a portable digital fish scale that allows you to weigh everything up to 88 lb. It has a flexible measurement feature.

It allows you to choose between an automatic lock and no automatic lock. So, you can use the automatic lock in of reading when the weight is stabilized. Or No Automatic lock like spring scales.

The over-load indicator tells you what to weigh. And when to stop lifting, which is good, because you don’t want to end up breaking the fish scale. It also tells when batteries are low so that replace them right before they are completely dead. The minimum weight capacity is as low as 0.04 lb.

It is compact, lightweight, and promising to be durable. A large digital display contributes to the visibility. So you don’t need to minimize your eyes to see the screen.

It doesn’t actually have a hard case handle. Instead, it comes with strap handle, which is not bad because it doesn’t occupy too much of space. You can even carry in your small pocket.

Just like all the other good fish scales, it has Tare and Auto-Off Features. You can change the unit, and it is highly accurate, as 0.02 lb.  

What We Liked

  • Dependable for long years
  • Separate Tare and Unit Buttons
  • The strap doesn’t take up too much space
  • Highly accurate
  • Auto Lock function

What We Didn't Like

  • Batteries not included
  • No measuring tape
  • Not water resistant

6. ​Berkley BTDFS50-1 Digital Fish Scale

It is a highly accurate digital scale that measures up to 50 lb. It is water-resistant, so it can be convenient to use outdoors, especially when raining. It has an auto save function that stores up to 10 weights in memory. The unit conversion allows you to change the unit in lb., oz. or kg.

What stands out this product is to eliminate the fishy smell, or any kind of odor. It must have been the type of plastic it is made of that doesn’t let the smell stay in your hands.

In fact, this feature is unique to this product, as I have not seen it in other digital fish scales yet. Tare or zero function allows weighting with a container. Or, multiple fish for more accurate measurements.

The on/off button is also a reset button when you press and hold it until the display is back to zero. Once you have done the measurement, you will not inadvertently reset the value. It will remain in memory. It is a digital handheld scale with easy to read a large screen. It makes it very comfortable too. It works with 2x2032 batteries.

Ergonomic body, and handle design also make it stand out among other fish scales. It is convenient to use both hands. It is easy to hold the handle that will not harm your hand when you need to hold the item a little longer.

What We Liked

  • Durable for tough conditions
  • Water resistant
  • Ergonomic design
  • Auto Save
  • Tare function
  • Eliminates Odor

What We Didn't Like

  • No Back Light
  • No measuring tape
  • 2032 Batteries may not be easy to find

7. ​Next-shine Electronic Digital Fish Scale

It is highly accurate to 0.01lb with a maximum weight capacity 88 lb. The unit conversion is handy to switch among internationally accepted systems.

It is so small that can fit in your small pocket, so you can take it with you anywhere. As a matter of fact, it is only 3.2 oz., which make it probably one of the lightest fish scales available on the market.

The longest side is only 5.1 in. You can use it at day and night with its cool blue Backlight Display. The screen is large enough to make the visibility better. It has low battery and overload indications and locks weight faster.

It comes with tare and auto-off functions to preserve time and energy. So, it can be used anywhere at home, kitchen, outdoor, office or market.

Moreover, it offers unconditional 30-day return guarantee if you are not satisfied. And, one full year warranty for any manufacturing defects. Thus, you will have enough time to return, or change after testing its accuracy, and durability.

What distinguishes it from other scales is the temperature measurement. It is something nice to have when you are fishing. Most people check the temperature through their smartphones. What if your phone does not get signal, which is most likely when you are outdoors.

It comes with a strong strap handle that makes the fish scale lightweight. So, it doesn’t occupy too much space in your pocket or bag. You don’t even need to put it in your bag, it can be hanged to your bag. The package does not include the 2 AAA batteries.

What We Liked

  • Lightweight
  • Compact design
  • Promising for long years
  • Highly accurate
  • Temperature measurement
  • Large blue backlight screen

What We Didn't Like

  • No measuring tape
  • Batteries not included
  • Not water resistant

8. ​NiceEshop Digital Fish Scale 

It is an ideal fish scale for everyday use with its compact small design. It scales up to 88 lb., and the minimum weight is as low as 0.04 lb.

It is probably one of the most economical and smallest of the digital fish scales. It doesn't have the weight capacity as much as its peers, but its strong case shows it can be used for long years.

After all, we didn’t include this product in our review for its strong case. It also offers lots of features that other expensive ones do not offer.

For example, it has a separate unit conversion button. So, you can easily convert the units to well-known systems. And, a separate tare button is optimal to zero for any weight of bag or container. There are benefits of having these two buttons as separate buttons. It helps you save time instead of playing and pressing one button repeatedly. That also minimizes the abrasion of the button or buttons. You will have a long-lasting device.

If this device had backlight display feature, it would most likely be on top of my favorite list. Because the backlit screen adds important value to a digital fish scale. It is very unlikely that it will always be used in daylight. Besides, a great number of people like night fishing.

Altogether, it is compact, and small, and it doesn’t take up too much space. The strap handle is nice to have, so that it can easily be hung behind the door, or the wall. Unfortunately, this device doesn’t come with batteries. You just need to get 2 AAA batteries yourself.

What We Liked

  • Economic
  • Lightweight
  • Strong for any condition
  • Highly accurate
  • Comfortable strap

What We Didn't Like

  • No backlight
  • Batteries not included
  • Not water resistant

9. Grawor Digital Fish Scale

With an accuracy rating of 0.011 lb. it is probably one of the most accurate fish scales available. What makes it stand out are its cool colors and retractable handle. It is small and easy to fit into your pocket.

But it has all the buttons and features that bigger scales can possible have. So, you don’t miss anything when you have it.

It comes with the unit conversion button. So, you can easily convert the units to pounds, or kilogram, before you put the weight on, or when scaling.

The fish scale is battery powered, it is important to save the energy when you are outdoors. That’s where an auto shut-off feature comes in to preserve the battery power. The package also involves 2 AAA batteries.

Low battery/overload indicator is just one of the smart features. It will contribute to your fishing, or traveling experience. So you will know before your batteries are dead. It is good to know when to get spare batteries.

The Auto Lock feature basically stabilizes the display. So you don’t have to wait to see the correct reading until your fish stops swinging and stabilized. Zero and Tare function is nice to have instead of stabbing the fish. You will be able to use a container, or a bag, and also measure multiple fish in one shot.

It is lightweight, small, and compact with a strong case. 1-year guarantee in case of dissatisfaction adds great value to the product. The hook of the fish scale is made from stainless steel that is strong, and rust free. Being that, the hook normally lasts long years.

What We Liked

  • Lightweight and small in dimension
  • Promising for tough conditions
  • Large, clear, green backlight display
  • Tare/zero function
  • Overload and low battery indicator
  • Retractable handle

What We Didn't Like

  • No measuring tape
  • Not water resistant

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Digital Fish Scale

There is a wide range of digital fish scales available online. That is why deciding which one to buy is burdensome. The most difficult part is to look for the features that suit your intended use. In this article, we reviewed 9 popular digital fish scales in detail. You should look out when buying the best digital fish scale.​

Before you buy the best digital fish scale, you may want to determine your intended use. You may not even use it for fishing, or precise accuracy is not the priority for your record catch. So, Best price or best quality may not mean anything that you aim for.


Why buy a digital fish scale if it is not accurate to your expectations? As it can be seen in the product descriptions, the ideal accuracy is maximum 0,011 lb. for the loads less than 22 lb., and 0,022 lb. for the loads more than 22 lb. Most of these scales come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. So, you can always check its accuracy with the items you buy from stores, before making a final decision.

Intended Use

Will you use it for casual fishing, or tournament situation, or traveling, or only home use, or all of them? There is a wide range of fish scales available with lots of features on the market. First, you decide your intended use. Then, it would better check all the features in detail mentioned in product reviews.

Ergonomic Case 

You should be able to hold the scale longer in your hand until you get the reading. Or until the auto lock feature kicks in. The compact devices can be a good choice for you with ergonomic design. Most models are actually compact and have ergonomic designs that work well outdoors. Especially, when measuring heavy items.

Handle Design

There are three types of handles; hard plastic, metal, and strap. The ones with hard plastic and metal are usually fixed or retractable to minimize the device. Being that saves in the space so that it can even fit in your small pocket. The handles should not hurt your hand when you need to hold the fish, or item a little longer. Especially, when they are heavy.

Back Light

Unless you intend to use your device only in daylight, or with a flashlight, a screen with back light comes handy. Use it anywhere you want without worrying about the visibility of the display. In fact, it may even be efficient to have it when the sunlight negatively affects your visibility.


A humid or watery environment is always challenging for the electronic devices. The water resistant or durability to the tough conditions is a plus for these devices. Moreover, the parts of the fish scale are metal, they should be rust resistant.

Convenient Functions

User-friendly features add great value to a digital fish scale. These features include Tare Function, Unit Conversion, Auto Switch Off, and Auto Save.

  • Tare Function: you can tare, or zero the scale with the container on it, allowing you to weigh just the fish or the item.
  • Unit Conversion: There are four different internationally accepted units in the world. That means not everybody will understand the unit type you are talking about. It is always convenient to change the unit before scaling or during the measurement the fish, or the item.
  • Auto Switch off: There is no need to remember to switch off your device. Besides, if you forget your batteries will die unless your device has the auto switch off feature.
  • Auto Save: It is a great feature when measuring multiple items. Otherwise, you will have to take notes after each item unless you are like me. Because I can't remember all the numbers at once.

Built-in Tape Measure

The weight itself may not mean much for some fish, the length of the fish also sets a standard for the record catch. You may remember the pictures of people show off their big catch. They don't only show the weight, but also the length.

That, tells the story of how much effort they have to give before catching it. This is where a built-in tape measure comes handy while you measure the fish. You should also be able to measure the length of pounds and kilograms.


They are named as fish scales, but a lot of people use it for traveling. They check the weight before they go to the airport. Most airlines set the limit 66-88 lb. for the total weight of your luggage. You may want to make sure if your scale's capacity is up to that limit. Otherwise, you have to divide your luggage into smaller portions. That’s not accepted by most airlines anyway. Each passenger is usually limited to maximum 2 luggages.

Other Features

The Removable fish lip grabber will protect your hand from the gills, you don’t need to make stab the fish, or make a hole. Luggage Strap is very useful to weigh your luggage. Only strap around the luggage handle, and lift it through the fish scale hook. The benefit of having a luggage strap is to protect your luggage from the hook, and it will save time.

Temperature Measurement comes handy when you are fishing to know the environment temperature. Especially when your smartphone doesn't get any signal to check the air temperature.

Tips on Choosing the Best Digital Fish Scales

  • Try not to make a final decision with cheaper or more expensive option. The cheaper doesn’t mean it is better while the more expensive does not always mean better. You may end up replacing your device in short time. As a result, you may end up paying more.
  • Read product reviews, and ask your friends who already own a digital fish scale. They are always the best helpers before we buy almost anything.
  • Let’s say you already set up a budget in your mind. But, your budget is not up to the one for your intended use available on the market. The least you can do is not go for the cheapest one. The cheapest will eventually become the most expensive after some time. The price closer to your intended use would be wise to choose from.

Final Verdict

First of all, your aim should be that the digital fish scale you are choosing should be accurate. Because, that's the reason you are buying it instead of using your body parts to measure. Make sure that you check the accuracy before making a final decision.

All the fish scales explained above have all the important features that a digital fish scale should have. And by other cool features, depending on your intended use, you can choose which one suits you. 

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