Best Electric Cigarette Rolling Machines

The 7 Best Electric Cigarette Rolling Machines in 2018

Would you ever like that you simply might realize otherwise to create cigarettes? The cost of store bought cigarettes are increasing day by day and you are feeling like there’s nothing left that you'll do however your pockets are empty. The value rises of cigarettes everywhere and you can’t appear to search out another answer apart from to travel with the flow.

Are you frustrated? You can save your hard earned money by applying a secret idea and that is an electronic cigarette rolling machine. With the help of your machine, you can make cigarette for you with your collected fresh tobacco in the home and can avoid the faulty collected or adulterated tobacco available in the market.

We’ve conducted a lot of analysis and active tests on this below mentioned products and we’ve learned plenty of things and concerning them throughout the method.

So why are you waiting for? Let’s begin.

Product NameGrade
Powermatic 2 Plus Cigarette Injector MachinesA+
RAW 79 mm 1 1/4 Hemp Plastic Cigarette Rolling MachineA+
New Top-O-Matic Cigarette Rolling MachineA
Powermatic Mini Cigarette InjectorA-
All In One Automatic Cigarette RollerA
Nihao®best Electric Automatic Cigarette Rolling MachineA+
PoweRoll by TOP-O-Matic Electric Cigarette MachineA

1. Powermatic 2 Plus Cigarette Injector Machines

This is the first machine on my list and I would like to recommend this product to those people who want to roll their own cigarette. It is a very well functioned machine compared to the others in the market.

It has a red light on the top which will give you alert when you have to clean the machine or at the time it is jammed. You can go with your own made cigarette a long run because this injector machine makes your desired cigarette that kind of tight.

This product is quite easy to easy and also have the instruction for operating and cleaning with it. With the help of it, you will be surprised that you can make cigarette which will be really good.

Highlighted Features

  • The Powermatic II Plus model is the latest and improved version
  • Speed of motor has been increased from last version
  • There is an improvement in the quality of the gear
  • It has 25% additional power and has fewer jams
  • It makes perfect general size and the cigarettes are 100 mm in size

2. RAW 79 mm 1 1/4 Hemp Plastic Cigarette Rolling Machine

This is a great roller that is made up of 79 mm rolling paper. With this machine, everyone can roll their cigarette by own effort. It is very fast in operation and a little bit difficult in use but you can operate it by using the instruction provided with it and once you have learned that how to use it then it will perform so great that you will suggest everyone for this machine.

It comes with those simple and necessary features that are needed for making cigarette easily and the most important is that it comes with a price that is too low compared to the other machines. Being a low price machine it doesn’t compromise its performance.

Highlighted Features

  • The machine rolls the cigarette 79 mm
  • It can make 79 mm cigarette roll for one and ¼ size of rolling papers

3. New Top-O-Matic Cigarette Rolling Machine

It an efficient machine which will not only roll your cigarette efficiently but also save your time because it is too fast in operation. With this machine, you can make your own cigarette with your collected and fresh tobacco and filtered tube.

It has the lever action injection which is attached to a switch that brings you the ability to make your own required size like king size, 100 mm or whatever you want. It is a durable machine and also comes with a one-year limited warranty for your safety.

After using this you will definitely love this machine because it will save your money and it will be a part of your life if you will continue smoking.

Highlighted Features

  • A chamber made up of stainless steel
  • A chamber for reducing
  • It comes with a handle
  • It can make king size cigarette and the size of 100 mm
  • It will provide a one-year limited warranty
  • Spoon is not so big and quite short

4. Powermatic Mini Cigarette Injector

It is a tremendous upgrade by Powermatic that works nicely. It is a little machine that operates manually. It can make cigarette of 100 mm and king size both. This machine will be the backup for the person who is the beginner.

After using this product you will be satisfied for its great and fast work. Using this machine is very easy and even arthritis patient can operate this. You can use it flawlessly but be aware of the building of the tobacco because if this happened then you have to clean it.

Cleaning is quite easy because cleaning tools are included with the box by which you can comfortably clean the instrument. Use it carefully, follow the instruction then you will not face any problem with it and definitely, it will be the worth of your price.

Highlighted Features

  • Best and trusted brand
  • It is portable
  • Well design makes it easy to use and clean
  • Can make king size and also 100 mm

5. All In One Automatic Cigarette Roller

If you are a smoker and love to roll your own cigarette then this machine will be a perfect thing for you that is an automatic rolling box. It built with a huge storage capability where you can easily store your chosen leaf or tobacco.

It also has much room for the papers needed for rolling papers. It has a large space where you can store your cigarette by pre-rolling them. It will help you to make a perfect cigarette for you and the most interesting thing is that you can make it effortlessly.

It will give you your cigarette in 3 steps that is place the paper then fil the paper and lastly close the box then you will find your cigarette is ready. Use the machine and have a great fun in making a cigarette.

Highlighted Features

  • Width is about 70 mm
  • Easy to roll your own cigarette
  • Quite easy to use and also durable
  • It can make patterns like wave, circular and Victorian decorative pattern style.

6. Nihao®best Electric Automatic Cigarette Rolling Machine

It is a premier machine for making a cigarette and at the same time cool too. It operates very simply and the functions are incredible. You can make your own cigarette at a minimum cost and with easy operation. You can make cigarette like an expert in a few seconds.

Use it, you will be a lover of this product. With this machine, you can make cigarette wherever you want. The design of the machine is compact and stylish with the antislip base. It is a durable item which built with metals and plastics and very easy to clean.

Highlighted Features

  • It built with metal or ABS plastic
  • It makes 80, 85 mm cigarette
  • Power input is 100 V to 240 V and AC 50~60Hz
  • Its size is 6.1x2.6x2.6
  • It is 250 g in weight
  • Make cigarette by yourself with it
  • Its operation is very simple
  • It is very clean and has a nice designed body
  • Save your money
  • Available in black and red color

7. PoweRoll by TOP-O-Matic Electric Cigarette Machine

If you want to save your money from your spending for a cigarette then you can think about this machine. It is designed especially for making perfect sized cigarette like king size, short or regular. You will get your cigarette in just one click.

It is the latest among the rolling machines available and the new operating technology that is one touch make it extremely simple to use. You just need to clean machine properly and it will run perfectly. It also has a safety feature called safety guard. Overall this machine is a perfect one and easy to operate.

Highlighted Features

  • It can make king size cigarette
  • It is electric
  • It has spoon driven injection
  • It includes a case for carrying
  • Power: 100-240v

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine

There are a variety of electronic cigarette rolling machines are available in the market and the machines work in almost in same mechanism and effort but there are some important thing you should consider before choosing a product for you.


Quality is the main factor. Choose some kind of product that doesn’t need any maintenance or low maintenance and you can clean your machine easily. Avoid that product which is made with low-quality materials and prefers that product which built with highest quality raw materials.


Most of the machines have the handle that will help you in stability and easily control your product. But almost all the machines have these types of feature. Some machine has a speed control that allows you to control the speed of rolling a cigarette, also has forward and reverse control through which you can fix up the jammed tobacco and lastly the density control that will give you the opportunity to fil the amount of tobacco you want in your cigarette.


When you are paying your money for purchasing some product like this you need to be sure about that for what you are paying. You need to know the durability of the product or how long it will last and work properly for you.


It is very important that you should keep eye on your budget. Basically, you don't have to buy the product which has the highest price or most futuristic but you have to know about the longevity of the product that it should not break in few days or week or month. So choose the product in contrast to your budget.

Final Verdict

With the help of the best ​​​​electronic cigarette rolling machine, you can make your own cigarette and it is very easy and simple to use. You just need to put the tobacco, the paper and press the button within a minute your cigarette will be ready for you.

Probably many people want to make their own cigarettes instead of buying. Rolling machine works great and may be operated by hand and electrical both. Just insert the tobacco into the tube and the machine will efficiently provide you the desired result.

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