Top 8 Best Magnetic Screen Door Reviews in 2018

A magnetic screen door will give you a more efficient way to get in or out of the house. It will also provide your home great convenience. It is easier to operate than a traditional screen door.

If you have pets, it will help you a lot. Because they have to take out of the house on regular basis. It will also keep away nasty pests in every efficient way. It also prevents insects and bugs to come to your room. So, if you have problems with these things you can use a magnetic screen door. It will also keep the room fresh by allowing fresh air come to your room.

It is a very useful thing for many peoples. This door will not create any trouble for you and for your pets also to entering and exiting the room. It can also increase the beautifulness of your room. It does not prevent fresh air to come in your room. It is very much useful. But this does not mean you will buy the 1st magnetic screen door you look at.

There are different types of magnetic door available on the market. They are different sizes, different colors, and different type features. To give you better insight we have made an article on 8 best magnetic screen door. It will help you to choose the right one for your work.

Product NameGrade
iGotTech Magnetic Screen DoorA+
Lux Screens Magnetic Screen DoorA+
Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen DoorA
Homitt Magnetic Screen DoorA-
Premium Magnetic Screen DoorA-
Magic Bug Screen Magnetic ScreenA+
Inspired Home Living Magnetic Screen DoorA
Apalus Magnetic Screen DoorA

1. ​iGotTech Magnetic Screen Door

iGotTech Magnetic Screen Door is one of the magnetic screen doors by which you get benefits from the high standard construction.

It has 26 powerful magnets which are sewn in edges to give this door long lasting durability. It has the toughest and heavy mesh construction which doesn't allow mosquitos and biting bugs.

For good measure, this magnetic screen door has the 'Velcro mile' feature. It is the best magnetic screen door available on the market. Its edges are secured by Velcro.

It has directions in the package which will lead you through its tutorial. This magnetic door will never break or fall off. 

iGotTech Magnetic Screen door comes with the full refund guarantee. If you don't like or not satisfied with its service, you can give it back and get the full refund.

Highlighted Features

  • Screen door nirvana
  • Toughest mesh
  • 26 powerful magnets
  • Magnets sewed in edges
  • Velcro mile
  • Reinforced velcro in every inch
  • Ensures quick installment
  • Needs 1 overlap over the door
  • Gives full refund guarantee
  • Possible of gaps at the top

2. ​Lux Screens Magnetic Screen Door

Lux Screens Magnetic Screen Doors has the new patent-pending design with full frame Velcro. It has the fiberglass mesh but not polyester.

This magnetic screen door opens and closes like magic. It has the fiberglass mesh material which is 10 times stronger than a traditional polyester screen. This magnetic screen door will never break and never have gaps.

It will also never fail because it has reinforced Velcro along every inch. It also follows the refund policy. You can get all your money back if it fails. It will need 1'' overlap.

Highlighted Features

  • Patent pending lux magnetic screen door.
  • Strongest and fiberglass mesh
  • Has 26 powerful magnet
  • Sewed in the edges
  • Never breaks and never have gaps
  • Has reinforced velcro
  • Velcro in around every inch
  • Super duty lined full frame
  • 1" overlap needed
  • Has full refund guarantee

3. ​Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door

If you have a problem with your pets that they tear your expensive magnetic screen door then this Flux Phenom Magnetic screen door is the solution to your problem.

It has a heavy duty mesh. The mesh can be nudged open with just only a push or snout. It shuts on its own. It doesn't need any out force to shut.

This magnetic screen door comes with thumbtacks. It will allow you and your friends to come and go at your will. It fits in most frame sizes. 

This magnetic screen door comes with lifetime replacement guarantee. All hardware is included in its package. If your door is 32" or less in width and 82" and less in height, it will fit perfect for your door. This magnetic screen door is very much durable and long lasting. It also keeps bugs out of your room and let fresh air come to your room.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to install and remove
  • Will fit all doors up to 32"*82"
  • Opening and closing is very easy
  • Keeps bugs out
  • Lets fresh air in
  • Pet-friendly
  • Also keeps insects, mosquitos and flies out
  • It’s very durable
  • Has upgraded mesh curtain
  • lifetime replacement

4. ​Homitt Magnetic Screen Door

The Homitt Magnetic Screen Door has heavy duty mesh curtain. It will fit the door which is 32"-82" inch max. The size of this magnetic door is 39"*83". So it will fit the size of the door ranging 32"-82". It has 26 pieces of magnets. This doors mesh curtain close is much quicker and more silent.

In the bottom sides, it has extra four sticks of gravity sticks to prevent the screen curtain from being blown open by the wind.

It uses the full frame Velcro design. Extra push pins are also provided with it to ensure that it stays in its place more stable. Human and pets both can walk through this magnetic door with no problem. And its installation and removal process is very easy and good. 

The hommit group will give you 12 months warranty and 60 days money back guarantee. It prevents bugs to come to your room. It lets fresh air to come at your room. It also prevents insects, mosquitos, and bugs.

Highlighted Features

  • The size is 39"*83"
  • Fits 32"-82" doors
  • Strong magnetic sticks
  • Extra gravity sticks
  • Full frame velcro design
  • Push up pins support
  • Human and pets entry friendly
  • One year warranty
  • 60 days money back guarantee

5. ​Premium Magnetic Screen Door

The premium Magnetic Screen Door is well made. You will like the screen mesh as it will keep insects outside your home.

When it comes to strength it is one of the best magnetic screen doors. It has the best quality velcro. It also has the seams of top quality. The magnets don't leave any gaps. Compared to cheaper screen doors it is very well made.

It will keep your family and pets from insects and bugs. These bugs and insects come in many different types of diseases. You can prevent this bugs with this magnetic screen door.

This door lets healthy and fresh air come to your room. This keeps your health and minds fresh. This door has magnets inside the seam. It also has highest quality mesh. It has an instant bug mesh which provides all the benefits of a traditional screen door. It also has full velcro. It is a pretty safe product. You can add this product to your cart.

Highlighted Features

  • Keeps your family and pets safe
  • Lets healthy and fresh air come into room
  • Magnets inside the seam
  • Instant bug mesh
  • Full velcro
  • Reasonable price
  • Innovative design
  • Quality construction
  • Highest quality mesh
  • Risk-free purchase

6. ​Magic Bug Screen Magnetic Screen

Magic Bug Screen is one of the smartest magnetic screens in the market. You can install it without any tool. There is no need of using any tool to install this magnetic screen.

It insects, mosquitos and bugs out of your room and help you to prevent the different type of disease that comes with these creatures. But it will not prevent fresh air. It will let some fresh air to come in your room.

It is magnetic. It has the hand free exit and entry feature. This is a high-quality magnetic screen door. It is very much attractive and durable. It has the 39*83 inches standard door frame.

If you have bug problems than it is the best solution to your problem. It will help you to prevent bugs and insects from your home. It fits perfectly on 36"*80" standard door frame.

Highlighted Features

  • The smart screen door
  • Keeps bugs out
  • Lets fresh air come in
  • Its magnetic
  • Hand free
  • 39*83 inches size
  • High quality
  • Very attractive and durable

7. ​Inspired Home Living Magnetic Screen Door

Inspired Home Living Magnetic Screen Door is one of the finest magnetic screen doors in the market. It is available in many sizes and colors to fit your door exactly.

It is been approved by the US military. It has the full frame hook. It also has the loop fasteners to ensure all bugs are out. It is one of the toughest magnetic screen doors. It is also durable. This magnetic screen is detachable and portable.

It prevents pesky mosquitos, flies, gnats, and other flying insects. Sometimes open your door to let some fresh air to come in. It has 60g fiberglass material which makes it more durable and ideal for high traffic dog doors. 

It has 26 magnets in it which makes sure bug off nets closes faster. US military also uses it in their base camps all over Iraq and Afghanistan to prevent mosquito and bug problems. The installation process for this product is not hard. It's very easy to install. Inspired home living follows 30-day return policy and also gives a lifetime warranty.

Highlighted Features

  • Available in different sizes and colors
  • Higher quality
  • Prevents bugs and insects
  • Let fresh air come in
  • Withstands stronger breezes
  • Has US military approval
  • Nets close faster
  • Easy installation
  • Gives lifetime warranty

8. ​Apalus Magnetic Screen Door

The Apalus Magnetic Screen Door has a top to bottom ultra seal magnets which shuts automatically.  The size of this screen door is 36"*83"(90*210 cm.). 

It has the super fine fly mesh. It is not very hard to install and remove. It takes minutes to install and instant remove. The doors which are 34"*82" or less, it will fit perfectly.

It has the powerful magnetic gap-free seal. There are 26 magnets sewned in this door. It has the toughest mesh which keeps bugs out and lets fresh air to get in. It has the best quality polyester flying mesh. 

Extra push pins are also provided with it. You can walk through it without using hands. It also lets pets enter and exit freely. The doors will close automatically with magnets. Even strong winds will not be able to open it. It will keep bugs and insects away and keep you save.

Highlighted Features

  • Super Fine Fly Mesh
  • Size: 36*83 inch
  • Top to bottom ultra seal magnets
  • Shuts automatically
  • Easy to install and remove
  • 26 powerful magnets
  • Keeps bugs out
  • Let’s fresh air in
  • Can walkthrough
  • Freely enter and exit

Things to consider before buying the Best Magnetic Screen Door

The Size of the door

You will not want to buy a thing and then notice it just doesn't fit right. So, it is necessary to choose the right size magnetic door for your home. 80 by 34 or 36 inches is the most common door size.

Most of the magnetic door available in the market are fit in the same size. But if your door is different size then you have to do a lot more research to find it

The gaps

If the door doesn't close automatically than it is not of any use to us. So, before buying any door check this feature very carefully. If the gap is too large, the magnets will not retract together. You will also need strong magnets

The durability

The materials which every product uses contributes to its durability. The screen doors from fiberglass are best for durability

Final Verdict

As you can see by reading this review that a magnetic door offers a lot more than a traditional screen. But when it comes to giving you protection it is hard to beat. If you haven’t bought any screen doors before it will hard for you to choose the best one. But this guide will help you to do that. Sometimes it is a much needed thing to many people. A magnetic screen door prevents bugs and insects.

These bugs and insects may cause serious diseases to people and their pets. This magnetic screen door will prevent those diseases and will let fresh air come in your room. Pick up the best magnetic screen door and you will be fine.

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