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The 7 Best Laser Cutters and Engravers in 2018

Laser engraving is a process where emboss on the subject is done by a laser. These are extremely powerful and precise machines which can perform on different kinds of materials that includes natural materials, plastics, coated metals, stone and glass, jewelry even for the fine arts can be engraved by the laser engraving.

Laser engraving machines are precise tools for any person from the hobbyist to the professional artisan doing a business. You probably know all of these things, what you don’t know is, which one to buy for the specific purpose.

When you have made your decision that you want to purchase a laser engraver it’s quite important to think about your needs. What do you want to do with this, do you want it for your business? Are you going to engrave any design on leather or jewelry?

If the answer of the above question is yes, then reading the article will help you to find out your expected product. We have selected the best laser cutters which has been tested and researched only for you to choose wisely.

Here comes our best laser cutter and engraver machines.

Product NameGrade
Meters Laser Engraver PrinterA+
BIC 2500mw Violet Light DIY Double Motors Laser EngravingA+
Mophorn Laser Engraving MachineA
Orion Motor TechA-
TEN-HIGH Upgraded VersionA-
Sunwin Laser Engraving MachineA

1. Meters Laser Engraver Printer

If you live your life in the era of imagination and want to lead a life of an artist then definitely this product is made for you. In this material, you can have your story. It has a high power and if have a further shortage of power you can use your mobile power or connect it to a 5V 1A supply and enjoy.

It can be used over almost all types of materials like mobile phone case, wallet, dark plastic, wood, bamboo, kraft paper, acrylic, metal with paint coating, transparent, reflective material and others.  

It provides you the chance to give a unique and wonderful surprise to your special person or friend or your closed one.

Highlighted Features

  • Perform work on the phone
  • No need for wire its wireless and can be connected via Bluetooth within a second or any place and not in the limitation for data
  • Usable for a long time and quite stable
  • Made by the best power IC and radiator
  • For protecting the bald head and extra fan is available
  • It has 6000 mAh battery that polymer Li-ion
  • Contains 4A output
  • Have a high power
  • It has the power cut memory function
  • It is carved in size that is 42x42x78mm
  • Easy to use and deeper than 1000 mA associated with more materials

2. BIC 2500mw Violet Light DIY Double Motors Laser Engraving

You will be happy with the beginning because it will come with an amazing packing. If you are a beginner in this field then it is an ideal product for you.

It gives you the opportunity to explore your creativity. You can connect so easily to your computer and have no issue to complain.

It performs tremendously great. If you’re a passionate in this field and if it is your hobby then it will never disappoint you and although it is small in size the performance will definitely impress you.

Highlighted Features

  • Perfect for the amateur
  • Have the feature for grayscale printing
  • Have the functions of Low-light positioning & freedom positioning
  • Print any type of content from the connected computer
  • Materials are included:Processed material: Plastic, Wood, bamboo, ox horn, opaque plastics, phone case, some leather like-purse, seals, cardboard, paper, bank cards, discount non-metallic cards, rubber, photosensitive seal, sponge paper and many more Unprocessed material: Metals, stones, jewelry, material that reflect, ceramics, glass, no color and transparent, soft material etc
  • The nice appearance that made of aluminum or acryl which make it more stable
  • User-friendly with Windows 7, XP by installing the software

3. Mophorn Laser Engraving Machine

It is a professional grade engraver but quite simple in use. CO2 300x200mm that is equipped with 40W cooling laser tube of water which is suitable for- nonmetal organic materials as bamboo, leather, wood, acrylic, plastics etc.  

It comes with high quality in both control board and stepping motors. It uses a USB port to connect your PC and it allows you to work with multiple formats of graphics, such as EMF/JPG/PLT/WMF. It supports CorelDraw software which makes the operation smooth and easy. 

CorelDraw can be used for both carving and cutting works because it has abilities for NewlySeal and NewlyDraw. It is the best suit for seal engraving, advertisement, art gift, garment, leather, toy etc.

Highlighted Features

  • It engrave 12”x8”
  • Type of laser is 40W with Carbon-di-oxide laser tube
  • Ratio of resolution 0.026mm/1000DPI
  • Speed for engraving 0-13.8 in/s
  • Speed for cutting 0-1.38 in/s
  • Included software is CorelDRAW
  • USB port available
  • Water Pump included


It is an upgrade Version from TEN-HIGH and best quality engraver in this price range. You can use this on all types of nonmetals such as acrylic, plywood, density board, solid wood and metals only on the coat of the metal.

It supports several functions like red light positioning, a control system for water temperature, adjustable laser energy, flame retardation option, communication monitoring and electrically lifting system.

If you need to engrave on a round or curved surface then you have to maintain a rotary axis. It supports the corelDraw software which is pretty easy to use and efficient.

Highlighted Features

  • Laser Energy can adjust
  • It has to blow flame retardant system
  • It contains visualization panel
  • It has DSP digital core
  • It has double door on the front end and there is no limitation on length
  • Area of engraving 40x60 cm
  • Ratio for resolution is 0.026mm
  • Port for communication uses a USB
  • Type of laser is CO2, wavelength is 10.64 um and sized 1020x690x1100mm

5. Orion Motor Tech

It is an engraver that is brilliant in performance. It supports Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Just connect to the PC with a USB port and install the software.

It works on a wide range of software packages which allows you to CAD drawing and designing program and also applied to the spreadsheet.

Highlighted Features

  • It can engrave a large area that is 12x20 inch
  • Dimension of this is 40x25.6x24.8 inch
  • Weight is about 143.3 lbs that are 80 kg
  • Controlled digitally and laser 50W
  • CO2 laser tube that is cooled by air
  • Includes cylinder rotatory attachment
  • It has the power to focus on the RGB color
  • Power supply is 110V, 60 Hz AC that is auto switching
  • It supports RDworks or Core laser software

6. TEN-HIGH Upgraded Version

It is a promising machine from TEN-HIGH. It is used to engrave all types of nonmetals and for metals, it only engraves the coat of the metal. It supports multiple operating functions like red light positioning, water temperature, adjustable laser energy and also many more.

It performs great in all the axis but there is one thing that is when engraving on round surface just maintain the rotary axis. It is an updated model from TEN-HIGH and allows you to works greatly and efficiently with all the axis. The laser tube in it that works truly great and the chassis of the unit is good.

Highlighted Features

  • USB communication interface
  • It has the engraving and cut function
  • Thickness of cutting is displayed on the title image
  • Area of engraving 40x30 cm
  • Ratio for resolution is 0.026mm
  • Certified by CE
  • FDA Compliant
  • USB key, software, Clamps, Exhaust pipe, Air pump, Limit switch, and Water pump included

7. Sunwin Laser Engraving Machine

It is the best machine for the starter or amateur which provide you the opportunity to print or engrave easily and have the freedom positioning, works on low light and print on grayscale. All you need just connect to your pc through a USB cable then express your creativity on all nonmetal materials and for metal it works only on the coats.

Highlighted Features

  • It has 200-250mW red light, 300mW violet light and 500mW violet light
  • It is the best ideal for the amateur
  • Have grayscale printing, low light positioning
  • Also have freedom positioning
  • Print picture from your PC
  • Made of stainless steel
  • DC 12V power
  • It Support Windows 7, XP, 2000
  • Maximum engraving Area 17*20cm
  • USB Cable, Power Adapter, Protective Glasses, CD included

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Laser Cutter and Engraver

CO2 laser tube

Some company includes this on their machine which has the advantage is the low price. Because of the low price, the overall cost for the machine reduced and enables you to cut down the materials that are thick or thin. Although it has some disadvantages that are it requires water for cooling, and doesn’t support photo to engrave and the most important is it can not be repaired

Cooling system of the laser tube

Cooling of the laser tube is somewhat important because any problem occurs with the cooling system which makes the laser tube unable to perform. Generally, water cooling or chiller are used to cool the laser tube. So think about it before buying

Mirror and focus lenses

The type of engraving quality and efficiency largely depend on the mirrors optical path and also on the focus lenses.  Basically, the optical path is made up with a 3-4 mirror which transmits the beam for printing.


Warranty periods vary according to the company. The longer periods you will get the lesser will be the cost of your maintenance.


The last thing is your budget. Try to grab that type of machine which comes in a low budget and fulfill your work but doesn’t purchase any product that comes with a low budget but weak in performance.


This first issue is supported. There is a lot of product and brands are available in the market and all you need to select such product or brand that will provide you after sales service or support you want because these laser machines do break very easily and if any problem occurs with the machine then you will get the support.

Size and power

There is the two issue that is size and power which is most important to consider when choosing a product or material. The size of the bed of the machine determines that what is your requirement and how big machine you want. You need to think about your using area and select the size what you need.

The next is the power. In this field, it is thought that the more power, the more powerful it is. In one word that the more watt, the more powerful and remember it that the strength of the machine is important in laser cut. More power allows you to cut faster and on the other hand, the slower cuts are not able to make a good cut.

Maintenance cost

You should consider this thing before selecting any item because if have to maintain that device frequently then the cost will be too much. Suppose you purchase a product at low cost but after purchasing that item you are doing maintenance again and again and then the costing will be too much. So a longer gap of the periods between your maintenance you reduce your cost, so try to think overall.

Availability of parts

I mentioned this thing earlier that laser machines are very fragile and if you need a maintenance or broken down any part then you need to search in the market for that part of your item. If your parts are available in the market then you can easily get the parts in your hand which reduces your efforts but if the parts are rate than you need to search for that and sometimes it takes some extra time, efforts and also money.

Final Verdict

Laser engraving is really a good example of the modern technology. It is good to make modern life more hassle-free. Only use with the laser beam you can create an outstanding painting on any types of surface in a very short time. Sometimes it is so difficult to pain on pony things. Laser marking makes easy to solve it. Because in this process equipment and materials are not needed. The laser beam is the only thing to need engraving. This demand is increasing in every sector because it is hassle-free and easy to use.

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